About my process

I am a fine art printmaker.   What does that mean?   I work primarily in linocuts and woodcuts (known as relief printmaking).
I first draw my image and then transfer it to either a piece of linoleum or wood.   Using cutting tools I carve my design into the block.


Once I have finished carving I roll out ink onto the block, lay a piece of paper down and then rub the back (transferring the ink from the block to the paper).  I have to repeat this process for every print I want.   That’s why each print is an original piece of art, not a reproduction.   Each time it is done by my hand.


A few years ago I started wrapping my original linocuts onto prestretched canvas.   I like this method because it takes traditional framing out of the picture.  LNM-preparingcanvas'

4 Responses to “About my process”

  1. I just bought three of your Twin Peaks originals at Pioneer Coffee in North Bend. So stoked to find these rad pieces. I’ll be contacting you soon for more. That’s a promise! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your interest in my art! I do have other pieces in the series that we’re not at the café because they sold recently. So I was ready to replenish. I also have plans for many more in the series! Let me know if there’s something you’d like to see!

  2. I love linocuts and woodcuts. Yours are tremendous. Highest quality. All the best to you.

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