Hard year = lots of art!

This year has been a particularly tough one.  In December my son’s 3x/week (15+

hours a week!) ABA therapists quit giving us less than 2 weeks notice and we have since had the state discontinue providing that behavioral therapy to him.  I’ve also recently had his home healthcare aide quit with no notice. Needless to say it’s been challenging emotionally and physically.

Art is always my escape.  I play my music and create!

Heres some new pieces from this past week (including 4 sculptures from my welding class I’m taking):



4 Responses to “Hard year = lots of art!”

  1. I’m sorry to hear of your and your son’s difficulties. Your prints are great as always!

  2. I’m glad you have your art and that it provides some outlet for relief for you. That’s a tough year, indeed. Welding looks great so far. And I especially like the bike print. It reminds me of biking on the Iron Horse Trail…where there are climbers too. Is that what the series is about?

    • I’m really enjoying the welding and can’t wait to incorporate my linocuts in with it soon! The climbers are inspired from those I see on the Little Si trail (I’ve never done the rock climbing but I do like watching them!).

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