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Hard year = lots of art!

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This year has been a particularly tough one.  In December my son’s 3x/week (15+

hours a week!) ABA therapists quit giving us less than 2 weeks notice and we have since had the state discontinue providing that behavioral therapy to him.  I’ve also recently had his home healthcare aide quit with no notice. Needless to say it’s been challenging emotionally and physically.

Art is always my escape.  I play my music and create!

Heres some new pieces from this past week (including 4 sculptures from my welding class I’m taking):


Music heals…. art heals!

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Like countless others all over the world I am heartbroken over the death of Chris Cornell.  I have been incredibly sad over the passing of other artists, especially David Bowie but this one has hit me so much harder.  Maybe it’s because for the last quarter century I’ve been blasting his music and continuing to see him live at every opportunity (most recently when I flew to Los Angeles in November to see Temple of the Dog).  I always look forward to new recordings and never get sick of the older ones.

Music plays such a huge roll in my life.  It can be whatever I need it to be.  If I need to cry, to scream, to dance, to relax…. I can with it’s help.   When working on my art music is always playing.  Goes hand in hand.

So after 2 days of off and on crying bouts I decided to do a little art therapy and share it with others who are struggling with this.  Thank you Chris Cornell for being a beautiful light and voice, for

leaving your words and music for generations to come.  Thank you for my many amazing memories of seeing you perform live.  Rest In Peace!

Only a few more days until Twin Peaks returns!!!

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