Reduction Linocuts

I’ve been working on some Reduction Linocuts lately.  It’s a process where you start with a piece of linoleum and then carve away whatever you want to stay the color of the paper and print the lightest color ink first.  Then you continue to carve out more of the block and print additional colors.  I’ve been doing 4 color reduction Linocuts.  It’s a challenge because the registration has to be exact for every color.

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Here’s a photo stream of the process.


2 Responses to “Reduction Linocuts”

  1. Barb Bruell Says:

    This was very cool to see, it still took me awhile to figure out that you carved out the breast and eye first to leave white paper, then carved out feather, and inked grey, then carved out head cap so it would stay grey and inked red over most, ending in black outline. So very cool.

  2. I especially liked the 3 color one of the jay, and the 4 color owl hanging at Pioneer Coffee is awesome. I noticed the new style right away. Great work!

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