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One sketch…2 blocks carved

Posted in Uncategorized on January 19, 2016 by moon

I was sketching this little owl the other day. Rather than just make one Linocut I decided to make two.  More owls equals more fun with carving textures!


Art Heals

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It’s been quite an emotional week.

Waking up the other day to the news that David Bowie passed away I felt such sadness.   All these memories came flooding through my mind.   The first sculpture I ever had accepted into a juried exhibition was entitled “Lady Stardust”.  Yes, I dabbled in sculpture before becoming a printmaker.  My mom is a sculptor for those who do not know.  She worked in wood and stone from when I was a child until 2002 when a brain tumor left her deaf in one ear and with terrible tinnitus in the other ear.  She had to give up the pounding of working with stone and wood for ceramics.   She doesn’t like it as much but it still provides her the creative outlet that she needs and she’s really good at it too!

So throughout the week all these thoughts of loss and how we move on.  The entire world is mourning the loss of David Bowie.  Never even knowing he had been suffering for the last 18 months but clearly he still lived every single one of those days.  Creating, loving, living, being.

We all have loss.  We all have sadness and sometimes it is so unbelievably hard to choose to still live, love, be and create.

So, while it might seem trivial I just needed to carve a little goodbye piece to David Bowie yesterday and it helped me a little.  Art can heal.

***Once the linocut is dry I will be hand-tinting the bird blue***

just like bluebird

WELCOME 2016!!!!

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I can’t think of a better way to start my 2016 then printing up some of the linocuts I’ve been drawing and carving over the last few days!   I received a commission to do a block print of an adorable little French Bulldog, then did my piece for Seattle Print Arts Print Exchange and followed it up with a couple more in my Dia de los Muertos series!   Thank you again to all those who have supported and encouraged my art in 2015!



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