Reasons for my Blog absence!

It’s MARCH!!!!  How did that happen?!!!!   I’ve been insanely busy since December.   My husband left his job after 20 years and we are starting our own motorcycle shop,  Moon Motorcycles in Issaquah!   So, between setting up the new shop, my teaching commitments, my responsibilities as a gallery manager  and co-display team lead at artEAST in Issaquah and of course being a mom I haven’t had time to post to my blog!

With the gorgeous string of sunny weather we’ve been having in Seattle lately I was inspired this past weekend to create a few new linocuts.  Here they are…






One Response to “Reasons for my Blog absence!”

  1. Much success to your new venture in motorcycles; I had a good friend here in NJ who has a Kawasaki dealership back in the 1970’s who taught me how to ride a dirt bike so when I rode on the back of his bike on the day trips we took, I would know how to properly fall, just in case…!
    That skill didn’t elude me as I rode my simple Schwinn bicycle later in life… or my career as an artist; it was a lesson well learned.

    Oriental philosophy suggests that any new venture worth pursuing comes with three pitfalls to be overcome. These stumbling blocks are put in our path to strengthen our resolve and prepare us to deal with the unknowns of the future.

    Here’s to conquering your beginning hurdles…

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