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Thank you!

Posted in Uncategorized on December 7, 2014 by moon

Ever since I graduated from The University of the Arts (20+ years ago!) I have loved Printmaking so much.
Especially woodcuts and Linocuts.

Life has thrown many challenges my way, the most difficult to date being how profoundly effected by autism my son Trevor is.  My art truly keeps me happy and sane.
Last night at South Park Art’s Art Under $100 I was refueled not only by the 51 pieces of my art that sold but also by the amazing responses!

– The little boy that ran up to me so excited to tell me he has my art in his house!
– A woman whose nephew has autism being so moved by my “Different…not less” linocut, which she bought for her sister.
– The people who just truly enjoyed looking at my art whether they bought something or not.
– The repeat buyers who added to their “Leslie Nan Moon collection”.
– Those who said, “See you next year!”

For all these things and more…. Thank you!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

May your hearts and souls be happy and full!
Love, Leslie