A loss… and much gratitude!!!!!

This week I mourned a loss… not of a person but of a dream.  I realized this week that I lost out on having a REAL art buddy in either of my children.  My daughter Elly is interested (a little) in art but more interested in riding motorcycles with her dad.

My son Trevor however is so creative and has the best imagination.  He is interested in all kinds of music and will stare at a piece of art for long periods of time (especially this one particular silkscreen I received as an award from one of my instructors back at Univ. of the Arts!).  The problem is his autism prevents him from behaving in a way that I can take him to the symphony, art galleries and museums.

So, this week I mourned the loss of my son as my buddy to go share these experiences with.

HOWEVER, those of you that know me will realize I won’t just let it go without some kind of a fight.  Friday night I was at an event where some of the Sammamish Symphony were playing.  I spoke to one of them at break and told her I always wanted to take Trevor but he will not sit still or be quiet.  She invited him to come see them some time at a rehearsal!  If he likes it as much as I think he will I will be contacting as many symphonies in the area as I can to set up more experiences.

I’m so thankful to her and the wonderful people out there who are willing to be part of my experiment to get at least a little of my dream back.

I am also so thankful to all the people I met today at South Park Arts!  Watching people get pleasure from my artwork really does fuel me!  43 pieces of my art went home with people tonight.  Thank you to each and every one of you!





2 Responses to “A loss… and much gratitude!!!!!”

  1. Hi Leslie,
    I have a feeling the bond between Ellie and her dad and their love of riding ‘bikes’ together is one she needs now at this time of her life. It doesn’t mean she has abandoned her creative side or you; she just knows that Trevor needs you now so she has found something she and her father can enjoy doing together. Keep that dream of yours on the shelf – you both will need it someday!

  2. jacquelynfedyk Says:

    I think it is amazing that Trevor has been invited to a Sammamish Symphony rehearsal. I am so thankful for people who take that extra step to connect with others. Kudos to the person who extended that invitation.

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