Letter to Somerset Studio Editor

——  Message
From: Leslie  Moon <moonriders@comcast.net>
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2010 06:45:42 -0700
To: <someditor@somersetstudio.com>
Subject: Art Credit ERROR

Dear Editor,
My work has now appeared in your Somerset Studio magazine twice and you have referred to my ORIGINAL linocut artwork as “clip art” or simply not given me the artist credit for the imagery.  I wrote specifically with my submission that this was original Alice in Wonderland imagery I was using.

In the March/April 2010 edition on Page 118 you wrote next to my art, “Adhere favorite Alice in Wonderland image to wood substrate”.  This was not as troubling as the most recent magazine because while you failed to give me the artist credit for my imagery at least you did not refer to it as clip art.

The latest error came to my attention the other day when I received the Somerset Studio Gallery Summer 2010 edition.  On page 146 next to my work, The Invitation, you describe my original art as “clip art”.  I see in your magazine when others use stamps made my artists you give credit where it’s due.

You have not given my original art the credit that it deserves.  My linocuts are all original copyrighted work, not clip art, and a correction in your magazine should be printed.

Leslie Nan Moon

—— End of Forwarded Message


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