BIG highs… BIG lows!

What a roller coaster ride I’m on!  My son Trevor has been profoundly affected by Autism since just over a year old.  This last year I’ve watched as Autism has tightened its grasp on him.  I am fighting everyday to loosen that hold it has.  It’s a constant battle.  One that brings me to my knees, bringing an ache to my heart like nothing else.   During this same time period I’ve achieved great personal success with my art.  While I’ve been printmaking ever since attending and graduating from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia back in 1990 it is only more recently that my work has been so well received.    I believe the reason for this is because I needed my art now more than ever.  I need something that has everything to do with me and that I have complete control over.  My art has saved me while I’m helping to save my son.


One Response to “BIG highs… BIG lows!”

  1. Wow, Leslie, didn’t know you were blogging. I love the look of it!

    It seems some of the greatest artists have used art as a way to express themselves in tough times. Perhaps, in a strange way, the challenges you guys have with Trevor has heightened your passion for your art?


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