Great ART Events coming up!

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On display now at Columbia City Gallery in the Featured Artist Exhibition Space:  The Paths We Travel.  The exhibition is up through January 5, 2020

I am honored to share the walls with the incredibly talented Eliaichi Kimaro and Kamla Kakaria!

In addition to the Featured Artist show there is a phenomenal Ceramics exhibition and other terrific art in the back gallery space.   

Also coming up is the 15th annual (and sadly FINAL!) South Park Arts AMAZING event, Art Under $100!  Saturday November 30th from 2-8 at the Seattle Design Center!

For those not in the Seattle area you can find my art at:

Pioneer Cafe (North Bend WA), Art Gallery of Sno Valley (Snoqualmie WA), Gallery One (Ellensburg WA), Tsuga Fine Art (Bothell WA) and DragonFire Gallery (Cannon Beach, OR)

Welcome to Holland (a message for Special Needs Parents)

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In 1987 writer Emily Perl Kingsley wrote a poem/essay titled “Welcome to Holland”. When you have a child with special needs is a pretty safe bet someone will send you it (and you’ll cry uncontrollably!).

My son Trevor is profoundly effected by Autism and turned 18 years old last February.  People warned me that this milestone would be especially difficult in every way and it was!   Navigating the services (or total lack of) once my son became an “adult” has brought me to tears and feeling of hopelessness on many occasions.  And yet… we move forward.  My art is my therapy so doing what I do best, I grabbed a piece of linoleum and my carving tools to create my own “Welcome to Holland” piece of art.  LMoon - welcome to hollandHere’s the poem I was sent all those years ago (and have then sent on to other new special needs parents) ….
When you’re going to have a baby, it’s like you’re planning a vacation to Italy. You’re all excited. You get a whole bunch of guidebooks, you learn a few phrases so you can get around, and then it comes time to pack your bags and head for the airport.

Only when you land, the stewardess says, ‘WELCOME TO HOLLAND.”
You look at one another in disbelief and shock, saying, “HOLLAND? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? I SIGNED UP FOR ITALY.”
But they explain that there’s been a change of plan, that you’ve landed in Holland and there you must stay.

But stay you do. You go out and buy some new guidebooks, you learn some new phrases, and you meet people you never knew existed. The important thing is that you are not in a bad place filled with despair. You’re simply in a different place than you had planned. It’s slower paced than Italy, less flashy than Italy, but after you’ve been there a little while and you have a chance to catch your breath, you begin to discover that Holland has windmills. Holland has tulips. Holland has Rembrandts.
But everyone else you know is busy coming and going from Italy. They’re all bragging about what a great time they had there, and for the rest of your life, you’ll say, “YES, THAT’S WHAT I HAD PLANNED.”
The pain of that will never go away. You have to accept that pain, because the loss of that dream, the loss of that plan, is a very, very significant loss. But if you spend your life mourning the fact that you didn’t get to go to Italy, you will never be free to enjoy the very special, the very lovely things about Holland.

More Teredo Clam wood framed woodcuts

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These are a lot of work from cutting down, sanding and making the frames to drawing, carving, painting and then inking up the woodblocks.  I really enjoy making them!

UPDATE!!!!!! Look for this body of work at DragonFire Gallery in Cannon Beach OR!!!!! Honored to have my woodcarvings at such a wonderful gallery!



Blog absence but still making art!!!

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Sorry for the lack of blog posts but at least I never stop making art!  Things have been a bit rough emotionally since Trevor turned 18 (like how I spent 4 hours AGAIN this morning at social security office with zero results)

Thankfully my art is here to fill my cup up as the stress of life drains it

Much love to all!

More New Seattle Themed Art

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Here are some more linocuts from my latest series… SEATTLE

2018 in Review

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2018 was a big year of change. I left my role as a Gallery manager and artist at artEAST after 8 years 308E4E49-1B8D-4497-8C8E-C7B4B8B496799775D31D-E69B-4B60-AFA2-3A04EB8347486CD6436B-E1A6-4138-9421-65D6D8429083and was accepted into Columbia City Gallery. During November and December I’ve had my featured artist exhibition there and it’s been fantastic.
December also saw another amazing Art Under $100.
I am so grateful to everyone who has bought a piece of my art this year.
And Thank you to Columbia City Gallery, South Park Arts, Pioneer Coffee, Gallery One, Skin & Soul Tattoo, Art Gallery of Sno Valley and Crash Bang Boom for giving me places to show my art.
Much love to everyone and look for lots of new art in the coming year!

Upcoming Exhibition and Events!

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Hard to believe it’s already November!   I have some big events coming up so I’m in full show prep mode (although when am I not making art?!).

First is my featured artist show at Columbia City Gallery.  The exhibition is titled “My Other Story”.  It runs from November 14 through January 6.
Opening reception is Saturday November 17 from 5-7.  Please join me and see this phenomenal gallery I’m so honored to be a part of!
I’ll be sharing the exhibition space with the amazingly talented Di Faria, Carol Hershman, Elinor Maroney and Olivia Zapata.

On Saturday November 24th I’ll be at Anne Anderson’s fabulous annual studio sale along with David Lutrick and Bradley Spencer Stearns.  Address: 750 Kalmia Ct NW Issaquah, WA 98027 Note:  event goes until 6pm but I’ll have to leave at 3pm due to lack of childcare for Trevor.

Lastly, an event I look forward to every year!  South Park Arts Art Under 100 at the Seattle Design Center!
There are still tickets available for the 1-2pm VIP Hour!  I highly recommend this.  For just $20 you get champagne, chocolates and the ability to have first dibs on art from 73 Seattle area artists!



Some new linocuts from September

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Back at it!

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After nearly a month on the east coast I’m back and busy in my studio.

Working on new pieces for Columbia City Gallery, Gallery One, Pioneer Coffee,  ArtEAST, Crash Bang Boom and MORE!!!BBE05CFE-87E9-4229-858C-B1DB9A7F42C0


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EVERY year on Black Friday I take place in a world-wide event called FLOOD THE STREETS WITH ART!  It’s where artists all over the world leave gifts of free art for the taking!  To be part of something positive rather than the ugliness that has become Black Friday.    In it’s first year (5 years ago) over 6000 artists left over 10K pieces of free art all over the world!

In that tradition I am going to start leaving random pieces of my older art on random days in random places… just because!  Just to share some love and positivity!