Upcoming Show at Columbia Winery in Woodinville

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I’m honored to be one of the artists in an upcoming exhibition “Playground of Life” curated by Cynthia Freese at the Columbia Winery in Woodinville!

The exhibition will run 9/30/16 thru 1/4/17.  Meet the Artist Reception is Friday October 7 from 5-7.  Join us!!!!

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New linocuts in my anatomical heart series

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Latest in my Dia de Los Muertos series

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More in my Bird series

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Fill your heart with love!

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Reduction Linocuts

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I’ve been working on some Reduction Linocuts lately.  It’s a process where you start with a piece of linoleum and then carve away whatever you want to stay the color of the paper and print the lightest color ink first.  Then you continue to carve out more of the block and print additional colors.  I’ve been doing 4 color reduction Linocuts.  It’s a challenge because the registration has to be exact for every color.

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Here’s a photo stream of the process.

One sketch…2 blocks carved

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I was sketching this little owl the other day. Rather than just make one Linocut I decided to make two.  More owls equals more fun with carving textures!